Counting Breath Meditation

Counting Breath Meditation Method

Counting Breath Meditation,- With this method, you're just going to focus on your breath, and nothing else. By doing this, you achieve a tremendous amount of relaxation

The Magic Of Meditation

The Magic Of Meditation Meditation now fills our smartphones with easily accessible apps, think HeadSpace and Calm. Wellness gurus...
SEAL Meditation Method

The SEAL Meditation Method

The SEAL Meditation Method The SEAL method is actually pretty straightforward. You breathe for a few...
Practices of Meditation

Varying Styles & Practices of Meditation

Practices of Meditation. Meditation itself and meditators themselves typically have a similar end goal. The quiet of the mind, with a focus often on the physical breath, which leads to clarity and some semblance of bliss seems to be enough to bring people back time and time again to their meditation practices.
Meditation Quotes

61 Meditation Quotes

Meditation Quotes These are some of my favorite meditation quotes from varying authors.
Benefits Of Mediation

25 Health Benefits Of Mediation

Benefits of Meditation: Stress Relieving - It’s one of the biggest reasons people pursue meditation. Increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, leads to disrupted sleep, symptoms of anxiety and depression, can impact cognitive function, and even increase blood pressure. Studies have found that meditation can be an effective stress management tool
Meditation Myths

8 Meditation Myths

Here are 8 meditation myths that might be holding you back. Learn to recognize these and hear the truth about meditation so you can make a real informed choice.
What Is Meditation?

What Is Meditation?

What Is Meditation? Meditation is all about living in the moment. That is where we reconnect with our calm inner core.
Benefits of Meditation

10 Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation Benefit #1: It slows down your mind Part of the reason why people...
Practical Meditation

Esoteric vs Practical Meditation

Practical meditation simply strips away all the esoteric, religious, spiritual and mystical layers of meditation. Instead, it looks at the meditative practice based on the core mental processes that enable people to self-repair to such an extent that they do not go crazy.
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