The SEAL Meditation Method

SEAL Meditation Method

The SEAL Meditation Method

The SEAL method is actually pretty straightforward.

You breathe for a few seconds. It could be 4, it could be 10, as long as it’s not too long for you to be uncomfortable.

You breathe and then hold. And then you release, and then you hold.

Basically, you breathe in, and then you hold it for however many seconds. You then release your breath, and then at the end of that stage when all the air has left your lungs, you hold it for the same number of seconds when you were breathing in.

Repeat this about 3 to 8 times. Again, as long as it’s comfortable.


When you’re doing this, you don’t think. You know you’re doing it wrong when you’re thinking. Instead, you should just focus on what you’re doing.

Focus on the air coming in, focus on holding your breath, then focus on the air going out. If you keep repeating this with your focus solely on your breath and what your body is going through, the relaxation will come. Your mind starts to unclench.

The SEAL Meditation Method 1

You’re no longer worried about stuff at work. You’re no longer worried about your relationship. You’re no longer worried about your childhood.

You’re no longer obsessing about that person you can’t forgive. None of that matters. Instead, you focus on the here and now. That’s when the relaxation comes. Ideally, you should start with the SEAL method for quick stress relief. This is the easiest meditation method and it delivers the quickest results.

Once you learn to de-stress using this technique, you should then go deeper.

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