Your Options In Energy Therapies

Energy Therapies

Energy therapies are interventions designed to act with your personal field of energy. In the alternative medicine world, this is known as your biofield. The concept is based on the idea that we all have an energy flow and it is part of our composition.

So, your biofield is a part of you, but it goes beyond your physical body. This is where many ancient healing practices come from. They all stem from this idea that we are energy.

This is where energy therapies come from. In terms of this energy, you may have heard it referred to as mana, chi, prana, qi, aura or ki. Energy therapies are common throughout many cultures. In the western world, energy therapies are being combined with complementary therapies.

The most common energy therapies include:

  • Healing Touch – this is a gentle healing technique where the practitioner will use gentle touches of the body to encourage self-healing. Comfortable clothing is recommended, your practitioner will likely request that you remove your shoes and any binding items like belts.
  • Reiki – Reiki is the most spiritual of all energy therapies. The practitioner will channel their spiritual energy from their hands into your body as they focus their energy to encourage healing. At no point will the practitioner place hands on you and you remain clothed throughout the session.
  • Therapeutic Touch – this is similar in a way to Reiki, being that the practitioner will move their hands over your body, without touching you. They will hold their hands just above the body and replace your harmful energy with their healthy energy, thus removing blockages. You will also be clothed during this type of session.
  • Magnetic Healing Therapy – this is completely different from the first three energy healing options. In magnetic healing therapy, magnets are placed around the body in a bid to clear energy blockages and restore the healthy flow of energy. Again, you will remain clothed during a magnetic healing therapy session.
  • Acupressure – like acupuncture, acupressure focuses on the body’s meridians. Your practitioner will place pressure on each of these points to clear any blockages in your energy field. This is the only energy therapy that will definitely include the practitioner touching you. However, you can remain clothed.

How Energy Therapy Works

Energy therapy is rooted in the idea that illness and injury can manifest in your biofield, as well as your physical body. Therefore, energy therapy can be used to restore your biofield’s balance. This will promote healing, health, and overall wellbeing. Certain therapies, such as reiki and healing touch, will depend on the practitioner. They use their hands to clear blockages, and if touch is involved at all, it’s only a light touch.

There are broad applications for energy therapies. It might be something that you pursue as complementary medicine or, it could be just to promote general health or relaxation. There is anecdotal evidence that suggests energy therapies may be helpful for pain, anxiety, asthma, arthritis, stress, and hypertension.

If you seek out any of these energy therapies, ensure that your practitioner is certified. Healing Touch International offers certification in healing touch and is American Holistic Nurses Association endorsed. These certifications require two years of study and a year-long mentorship with a professional.

It’s worth mentioning again, that in energy therapy, you will always remain fully clothed. Generally, you are invited to lie down or at least recline. The average session lasts around 45 minutes but can be an hour-long.

You can speak to the energy therapy practitioner about how often you should schedule your sessions for. It will be dependent on what you are pursuing it for.